The Professionals at Eugene Tkalitch & Associates, Ltd.

". . . nothing can replace the personal guidance of a competent insurance representative . . . How much he and others in his organization know about your operations - and how he handles the risk problems such operations generate - may contribute more than anything else to adequate and economical protection against loss."
-The John Liner Letter
Eugene Tkalitch, President

Eugene Tkalitch, President and Founder

After graduating from Roosevelt University in Chicago with a B.S. degree in Finance and Economics, Eugene was given insurance underwriting assignments across the country. Using this national business perspective, Eugene worked with Fortune 500 companies, professional sports franchises, social service agencies, municipalities, historic organizations, and manufacturing and service business of all descriptions and sizes to develop the optimum insurance program. Eugene gets a lot of satisfaction from helping clients reduce their cost of insurance, and believes that "by offering honest, relevant information which helps our clients make good business decisions, we help them more certainly realize their business goals and dreams with greater safety and profitability." Eugene is a later-in-life Dad who shares his interests in gardening, music, model and diorama building, and literature and movies with his young daughter.

Jill Peterson, Executive Vice President, Treasurer

Jill Peterson, Executive Vice President, Treasurer

Following a professional career in claims administration and treaty reinsurance for some of the largest companies in the world, Jill obtained her MBA from DePaul University while serving as our company's Treasurer and as a Senior Account Executive with expertise in insurance and risk management for not-for-profit organizations. New clients quickly learn to depend on Jill's practical business sense and her clear, professional communications that make them feel that she truly cares about their organization and is committed to doing anything it takes to serve them well. Jill is the proud mother of a daughter who wants to be a Vet when she grows up.