Event Cancellation/Postponement Coverage

What could be worse? All that planning and organizing, wasted . . . all that expected revenue, gone . . . and, even if you can reschedule an event later, elsewhere, there's a significant loss of business momentum.

While ET&A can't stop hurricanes, or terrorists, or pandemic flu outbreaks, or prevent the non-appearance of a featured speaker, or any other insurable disruption, we can help you get the right kind of insurance at the best available premium.

There are good, important reasons why associations, trade shows, and entertainment and business organizations nationwide have discovered us as the best one-stop solution for their Event Cancellation/Postponement risks - - - the first and only source they need.

What is Event Cancellation Insurance?

  • While others provide restricted coverage at higher prices, our proposals have the coverages you need at a price that can't be beat . . . including the broadest terrorism coverage that is available anywhere. That's why we have a 100% success rate. We have written every account we have quoted!
  • To do a good job of comparison shopping for you, ET&A represents - - and obtains - - quotes for you from every available program and carrier - including but not limited to AIG, Travelers, Lloyds of London, Expo Plus, Showstoppers, and Event Shield, because unless you do this, you never know ahead of time which insurance company's quote will be the best.
  • We have a national presence. We have insured events throughout the U.S. (even in New Orleans right after Katrina) - - - D.C., Las Vegas, Orlando, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, you name it.
  • Uniquely, if we feel the coverage is not needed, or a different insurance product is more appropriate, we advise you accordingly so that your important event dollars are not wasted.

As independent agents, we represent your best interests. And we can provide not just event cancellation but any and every coverage you will ever need, with top quality insurance companies. We're ET&A, the first and only stop you need to make.

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To help you maked informed decisions, and to get the latest available information on potential threats to your event, please refer the the links below: