Not-for-Profit Organizations/Associations

With over 25 years of experience in designing insurance and risk management programs for a wide array of not-for-profit organizations and associations, ET&A makes sure our clients are properly and competitively insured. And, because we represent every insurance company that targets not-for-profit organizations and associations, your organization can take full advantage of the insurance marketplace to keep your premiums low.

Each ET&A client is treated with the dedication, attention to detail, and focus they need to have a successfully managed insurance and risk management program that pleases the most demanding Board members . . . their outside auditors . . . their government funding sources . . . their corporate attorneys . . . and their CPA's.

Most importantly, by competently assessing and managing your risks ET&A gives you the peace of mind to focus your efforts on what is most important, bringing your services to your clients.

Available coverages include: Property Insurance . . . General Liability . . . Professional Liability . . . Sexual Misconduct Liability . . . Social Workers' Professional Liability . . . Foster Care/Adoption Liability (including international adoptions) . . . Corporal Punishment Liability . . . Directors & Officers Liability . . . Automobile . . . Crime . . . Workers' Compensation . . . Umbrella . . . Special Events Liability . . . Event Cancellation Coverage, and . . . Group Medical, Life, Dental and Long Term Disability.

Any nonprofit organizations or associations that buy their insurance policies "off the rack" because they did not get proper advice, or purely for cost reasons, are putting themselves unnecessarily at risk for an unpleasant financial surprise when certain kinds of dangerous claims (such as Professional Liability, Sexual Misconduct Liability, Foster Care, and Directors & Officers Liability) are made. There may be very limited coverage, or worse yet, no coverage at all. Understandably, these organizations often do not have the time, or the expertise, to look for coverage omissions, duplications, or for important coverage improvements that are often available at no additional cost.

Working with ET&A, correct coverage - - - at competitive premiums - - - and helpful, ongoing risk management services are, reassuringly, always there.