Workers' Compensation

Worker's Compensation premiums and claims are controllable. Both situations can be significantly reduced - - - and rapid improvements seen - - - no matter what you may have experienced in the past.

If you are dissatisfied and disappointed with the lack of solutions and answers in any of the following situations, it's time get "ET&A" involved:

  • If you are concerned about increasing worker's compensation premium costs
  • If you have questions about the correctness of your Experience Modification
  • If you are wondering how to explore the possibility that your payroll classifications may be wrong, and if they are, what to do about it. This can impact not only current costs, but audits for previous years as well.
  • If you are looking for loss prevention programs that work, and help improve employee productivity and attitude
  • If you need more aggressive and effective claims handling to help restore a favorable loss ratio, or curb an epidemic of copycat claims
  • If you need more effective legal representation before the Industrial Commission
  • If you are concerned with the potential impact on worker's compensation claims of impending layoffs, or the hidden dangers of workplace violence

. . . or any other cost, or coverage, or administrative issue, "ET&A" and its network of resource partners can help you. There is a solution to every problem, and there are no lost causes. We take nothing for granted and we explore all available options on your behalf.

That's why we saved a member of a captive association over $350,000 a year in Worker's Compensation premiums by helping them leave their exploitative program. That's why we help liberate so many companies from the Assigned Risk Plan. That's why, regardless of unfavorable "insurance cycles," our clients pay lower premiums than anybody else. And we are never satisfied with one-shot "fixes." Our goal is long-lasting, permanent solutions.

We offer standard "Guaranteed Cost" programs . . . Dividend plans . . . Retrospective plans . . . Large-deductible plans . . . Self-insurance options . . . Risk Retention Groups (RRGs) and Purchasing Groups (PGs) . . . as well as Captive Insurance Company approaches, anywhere in the U.S.