American Library Association

"Gene and the rest of the team's service has continually been outstanding. They have been very proactive in their efforts to make sure that the Association not only maintains the proper level of coverage for all of its insurance needs, but provides expertise in new areas that may be beneficial to our organization. All our staff have always received excellent service. It truly is a pleasure working with Gene and his staff."

Jane Addams Hull House Association

"I can honestly say I can't imagine having a better person handling our risk management activities. He and his agency are thorough, accurate and always available. Service is outstanding."

Big Joe Manufacturing Company (industrial forklifts)

"He became our agent at a time when we were having a great deal of trouble obtaining certain types of coverage. His knowledge of the industry enabled him to resolve our issue quickly and efficiently. His strict attention to detail and his representation of our best interests have made it very enjoyable working with him."

Children's Home & Aid Society

"One of the first things we did when I came to CHASI was to bring Gene in to look at our insurance needs and our risk management program. This resource has proved to be worth its weight in gold."

Inx International Ink Co.

"His many years of experience in the business-insurance arena have made him an individual possessing a considerable amount of valuable risk management knowledge, ideas, and cost reducing plans. I have found them to be innovative, prudent, and cost effective without sacrificing the quality and the sound protection of a well structured insurance program so vital to an organization"

The Better Boys Foundation

"It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to introduce to all my fellow not-for-profit comrades, one of the better business discoveries I have found and had the pleasure of dealing with Eugene Tkalitch.

Gene has the experience and knowledge of insurance and risk management coupled with the attributes of honesty and hard work that could only benefit any agency lucky enough to work with him. The harder it becomes to achieve a level of excellence in our work in these uncertain times the more we need to partner with companies like Eugene Tkalitch & Associates."

Carole Robertson Center for Learning

"They have not only worked diligently in obtaining fair and accurate insurance coverage for our operations, but have also worked to provide information and other services to help our organization gain the knowledge needed to grow in our industry."

The Great Books Foundation

"At the suggestion of our public accountants, Gene Tkalitch conducted a review of the Foundation's property/casualty business insurance program, and then met with us to present his comments and recommendations. His recommendations were well considered, and his presentation was very professional. We were impressed by the depth of his knowledge, his thoroughness, and the clarity of his comments."


"He exemplifies many of the qualities we look for in such a business relationship: integrity, customer insight and empathy, and ultimately, providing recommendations which are both practical and effective."

Heinemann's Bakeries

"The ET&A group maintains a very close watch over market developments making every effort to anticipate the implications of emerging trends affecting their clients' businesses. I can honestly say that if I had it to do all over again, I would certainly choose Gene Tkalitch as my insurance consultant without hesitation."

National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago

"Gene is extremely responsive, courteous and competent in his handling of our account. He has been creative in obtaining more extensive coverage in certain areas while maintaining quality and competitive pricing. One major problem he solved was obtaining all states comprehensive workers' compensation coverage with one company, which eliminated the enormous task of dealing with individual state funds."

Roberts Industries (steel industry)

"We wanted to let you know that your creativity and advice concerning our risk management program is appreciated. It is obvious that you and other associates value and work very hard to retain our business. That does not go unnoticed and is in fact why you have earned the trust of this office and the subsidiaries."

Lawrence Foods

"I have come to consider Gene as a thoroughly informed member of my own staff. Their thoughtful, candid, sensitive and unassuming approach to our needs have allowed us to stay current with both prior and evolving areas of business risk and to minimize our expenditures for necessary coverage. In addition we have found his response to our insurance problems and questions to be immediate and effective."

Zanies Comedy Nite Club

"They have taken the time to understand our business and to guide us in the perpetual search for better coverage at lower costs. We now enjoy lower premiums which are commensurate with our lower exposure to risk."

Millard Maintenance Service Co.

"Gene and his staff have proven their commitment to our need for excellent service time after time, in resolving claims issues between our customers and the insurance company, in providing good turnaround on the issuance of certificates to meet last minute customer requests, and in general support of our company in our general insurance needs. Their efforts at renewal have helped us to maintain continuity of carriers, without sacrificing quality, price or competitiveness."

Awana Clubs International

"Our commercial insurance needs are wide and varied, but we have received excellent service from ET&A, even during their busiest time of the year. There is never a busy signal and there is always a quick and courteous response to every question and request. They work long hours servicing their accounts and seeing to it that to our ministry."

Michigan Avenue Partners (fuel tanks for Space Shuttle, wings for Boeing, military aluminum products)

"I can't imagine a better organization handling insurance and risk management activities. They are extremely professional, thorough, accurate and always available. They are very experienced in major mergers and acquisitions and they have a strong commitment to service."

Lowery Brothers Rigging Center (chains and slings for heavy lifting in steel and gulf oil production)

"He and his staff always treat us like an important customer whose satisfaction is important to his company. He has kept our insurance costs low, and has helped us on at least two occasions to avoid what could have been big risk management problems."

Dre's Diesel Dome

"I wanted to send a quick email about the excellent service I am receiving. We were starting a business and needed liability coverage. They made my life so much easier. They were courteous, efficient, and most of all, kind. Customer service is important to me and they exceeded my expectations. I just wanted you to know."